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OAK & ASH Tree
Cutting boards

Probably the best cutting boards in the world

Deelis kitchen cutting boards are hand made one by one from Latvian Oak and Ash. They are 4cm thick and weight 4kg. Process is not fast, because first the tree boards need to be dried for five years. Than quality and best looking parts are selected and cut in same lengths keeping each boards own width.

Shou Sugi Ban

Preserving wood by burning.
We burn our boards just until they get black, afterwards we brush off all excess coal and finish them with linen or mineral oil, or bee wax.

If it is board with branch holes or cracks, they are sealed with resin. Afterwards boards are planed and sanded.

Bee wax

We can make a luxury cutting board for you that will have a flavor of honey. It will be sealed with natural bee wax by melting it into the wood.

After all boards have right angles, and smooth surfaces we can make them by your needs. We can just seal them with mineral oil or linen oil (it is more yellowish, but have nice scent), we can use bees wax. We can burn them by old japanees technique to make them black as coal. We can add leather handles and laser engrave your words.

Leather handles

Some of our boards have leather handles.
For leather to last longer and withstand water
it is soaked with bee wax.

deelis leather handles

All oiled boards needs to be resealed once a year with linen on mineral oil and they will last forever.
Our boards sizes are: 40-42cm x 22-30cm x 4cm
Weight: 3-4kg

Ask if you have questions

We can customise everything by your needs.

Probably the Best Cutting
Boards in the World.

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